Highly efficient ‘passive homes’ gain ground in US


Passive houses, which have been around in Europe but never really caught on in the United States, are basically built around the idea of making houses airtight, super-insulated and energy efficient. The goal: a house that creates nearly as much energy as it consumes. Think of being able to keep your house warm without a traditional big furnace, cool with no air conditioning unit.


Lightstone Buys Baton Rouge Hotels for $15.6M


Lightstone Value Plus Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. (LVPR) recently acquired two Baton Rouge hospitality assets, paying $15.6 million for a Courtyard and Residence Inn—both Marriott-branded hotels. LVPR, a public, non-traded REIT, had been in negotiations with the seller since 2012 and had locked in the acquisition price several months ago, avoiding the currently rising market prices.